Message from the Secretary, ISBP

Dear friends and colleagues

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the thirty seventh annual congress of the International Society of Blood Purification, and for the first time, in the great city of Hyderabad, India. ISBP has existed for almost 40 years as a focused, society with highly regarded and influential expert membership in the field of extracorporeal blood purification across the globe. Novel and cutting edge research and clinical use of extracorporeal blood purification techniques and related topics have been part of the charge of the society from the

beginning and organ replacement (including for indications outside nephrology) has also been included. A few years back, a decision was made to place concerted efforts at expanding the locations of ISBP congresses beyond the historical North American, Western European, Japanese and Chinese cities. In recent times, ISBP has been to St Petersburg, Russia, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in addition to Hiroshima, Japan & Guangzhou, China. It is with the efforts of Congress President, KS Nayak that ISBP has come to India for the first time. We look forward to a congress where international best clinical practices and useful local expertise for achieving best outcomes while using as little resources as necessary, something Indian experts are noted for, are explored. Apart from the sharing of scientific and clinical knowledge, an essential part of ISBP congresses have also been the networking of early, mid-career and senior experts in the field from across the globe. I encourage you, particularly younger and mid-career academic experts with advanced interest in blood purification to interact with the ISBP council membership and discuss your work. The ISBP council comprises of Hideki Kawanishi (Japan), Andre Kaplan (USA), Rasheed Balogun (USA), Vladimir Tesar (Czech Republic), KS Nayak (India), Andrew Davenport (UK), Yoshiaki Takemoto (Japan) , Toshiaki Masuda (Japan), Helena Zakharova (Russia), Ikuto Masakane (Japan), Xueqing Yu (China) and Goce Spasovski (Macedonia, FYROM).

Rasheed A Balogun
Secretary, ISBP